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7.4" 7.6"

The Bixby is back! This 7.4" wide double kick freestyle skateboard comes fully assembled and ready to skate. Select your preferred deck color.

Comes with two 5"x 9" sheets of grip tape and stickers

Deck: Waltz Bixby Mini 7.4" double kick freestyle skateboard deck

Wheels: Waltz Donut 54mm 97a freestyle skateboard wheels

Skid plates: Waltz Low Profile V2 skid plates

Trucks: Bullet 110 skateboard trucks or Toto 4.25” Blank Trucks (Red and Black stains only) 

Bushings: Khiro 98a X-hard or Doh-Doh’s 98a (Red and Black stains only) 

Griptape: Mob

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